About Us

It was a time in my life when I suffered from Depression, Trauma,  Anxiety, illness, Mental, Physical, Emotional, Social Abuse, and Suicidal. 

 I was in a deep depression and the enemy told me I wasn't nothing, no one loved me, I deserved everything I was going through, no one cared, I believed everything he told me. I know that the enemy wanted my life. People will have you depressed also, trying to please and make them love me it was a burden. I felt that life was not worth living, but God's Grace and Mercy saved me. I suffered from childhood trauma When I lost my father I blamed God for taking him from me. I just knew that if he was here I would not be getting abuse. 

 I Made It Through It was birth out of my pain and sorrow. I know the God I serve and what he has done for me and what he will do for you. As you browse my collection of clothing, I hope and pray that you find something that speaks to you and inspires you to never give up so that you too can proclaim “I Made It Through It!”