About Us

Candice Bacon is a Country girl who loves the Lord! A once  broken, depressed little girl is now a  woman, wife and a mother.  She once allowed others to make her feel like she was worthless. Candice was always trying to please people and went as far as trying to  buy and beg for their love. She has suffered through and endured trauma, depression, anxiety, illness, brokenness, mental,  physical and emotional abuse. One day God brought her out! She has since created the clothing brand “I Made It Through It!” Candice started her brand to encourage, inspire and uplift others  to grow through their difficult life challenges.  God brought her out and he’ll do the same for you. As you browse her collection of clothing, her hope and prayer is  that you find something that speaks to you and inspires you to never give up so that you too can proclaim “I Made It Through It!”